28th January 2016, Laurel, U.S.A. - With Parse announcing today decommissioning of its products and giving its customers time till 28th January 2017 to migrate away from them, nWorks Technologies announces its Parse Migration Services.

nWorks Technologies has been working on Parse since early 2015 and has acquired significant expertise. nWorks Technologies also has years of experience in designing and building mobile applications using many native and hybrid technologies. A combination of these skills places nWorks Technologies in a unique spot where it can help anyone migrate its applications away from Parse to any other technology e.g. Xamarin, Titanium, PhoneGap etc. in hybrid space or Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry etc. in native space.

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Our Team

We have been in business since 2005. Although experience and stability count, it's wisdom and results that we are more judged by now.

Our performance almost entirely depends on our people and luckily they are great.

The people that work for us are not here just because they are talented and well trained experts. They have to have a special quality - They have to enjoy what they do and enjoy doing it with us.

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What's New?

nWorks Technologies attended the "Startup Master Class" in Bengaluru, INDIA on 27th February 2016.

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5th February 2016, Mumbai, INDIA - nWorks Technologies helps Djinie Technovations, a Mumbai, INDIA, based start up launch its business.

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The Team at nWorks were very thorough going through the brief and making sure everything was covered before they began.

- James O’NEILL, Avanser, Australia


Very nice & professional way to handle Project. Thanks nWorks team.

- Joni NAIK, FRCS, Bahrain


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Why nWorks?

In addition to being a one-stop shop for truly cross platform mobile applications,
nWorks Technologies takes pride in differentiating itself from others by
means of the following:

  • Truly

  • Guaranteed delivery

  • Guaranteed delivery

  • Regular and useful

  • Moral and professional